This is a short zine that I did about Five Days in hell, witch I fell like I went thought. Each page function like a diary, It was a sophomore project with Guy Billout and its truly a zine that I like. Even thought it’s not the style that I chose it’s part of my portfolio. Then, I came back to what I was good at that is to say color. However, it was nice to explore some type of pure drawing techniques.

Portfolio 12
Its one of the Last picture of my fine Art portfolio. I cannot choose between the fine art, the design, the illustration, or the story telling. I believe that in the end of the day they all intertwine, however I definitely choose a consistent style two years ago. At first Like i was insecure about this style and if I could do it digitally and manually but then with some additional experience I figure out that it’s like writing its the hand that choose for you even thought the medium varies. So now, I feel more comfortable and can produce much more. I would like to draw all the time witch is something that I can do more and more now days. It s just that I like to use my single comic frame also as illustration. The scribe is the hand. The one that gives you a hand and also that listen to you to mark down, and live a permanent trace.

Portfolio 11
This was my portfolio when I was 19 years old. I did a subject Like what we all wear mask in the society, about appearances, I am a firm believer that you have to show and be who you are. However, it takes time to know who you are as a person and often it’s a time that we don’t really want to take so we end up borrowing masks. I freed myself from it since I took this time. I did it in scratch board as a metaphor of scratching the surface witch is something that I am extremely good at unconsciously.

This was a sophomore year project to paint people from the past, I chose people who intrigate me or that I found interesting and imagine with who I could have an interesting conversation or questions.

Portfolio 9
Monkey me. I just think that in your professional life and in your life when it comes to private conversation and intimate things we have to adopt this moto. This are fine art illustration that I did when I was 19 years old. I am putting my whole portfolio as well as my evolution as an artist, creative and entrepreneur. From fine art illustration to digital advertising illustration. I love creating for me and for others. I believe that if its just for you I do not feel personally completed and I love creating for others. That is the reason why I choose advertising illustration as a living path and story telling thought the comics.

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Those are also a two series of illustration based on the Real story of Sissi the Empress of Austria. For a long time I wanted to write a comic about it. The Romy Scheinder movies are really popular, however the truth was sadly completely erased. Then, I understood why, because people needs to dream. However, she was such an interesting real character, fascinated by the beauty, real psychological anorexic that I chose to tell the truth that was to me a way more interesting at our period of time. Indeed, if she was alive today she would be a fashion icon. The subject asked was to depict an historical character witch I did. I tried to depict the story as well as the history, and yet bring it into an actual context.

Portfolio 14Portfolio 13
This is a reinterpretation of the Bath tub painting by Frida Kaholo that I did when I was 19 years old.
First of all, I would like to put it as a piece of portfolio for the gosht mentor that Frida Kaholo was for me since a very young age. I believe that she was a pure and true artist and certainly in avant garde over her time. It has been recent for me to take my feminine condition seriously. Since, I started working I had to think at my gender witch is something that I never thought about before. I indeed grew up thinking I was different but yet equal to the men. In my family it always had happen that way. It was really those last two years where I discovered with a deep and sad surprise that they are major discrimination towards the woman in real social life. Its a grave injustice that my own nature and education just refuses. I always considered myself equal to the men as a woman female but I learned that I could not talk to other men if I was with one or things like that witch I consider being totally out of the line. First things first, why does a men would interfere on my behalf in my own business ? Why does people even interfere in your personal life and business. I was extremely chock and surprise from such a living condition. At the age of 19 years old I identified totally unconsciously with strong female such as Frida Kaholo or Simone De Beauvoir or George Sand just because I was one and it was easier for me to relate. However, It never occurred my mind that a position would be not for me because I was a female or have some right that would be banished from me because I am a female. It was such a chock that not my third next comic will be on Feminism. I don’t know what is feminism exactly. However, if its the right to claim independence and the same equal social and economical right as a men as well as independence then I would be one and then I would think that as a living human being, Feminism should be something totally normal. Then, It should not be a category or a clan but something totally right and normal. So for those reasons, I chose to put my fine Art Portfolio of when I was 19 years old and the influences that nourished and made the person that I am today. I will totally write about feminism if I have to, since I do not tolerate the fact that I would be blocked in my life and my desire because I am a female while I am evolving into societies that do not ask for muscular forces but for brain and educating forces witch I believe I have and completed. Since I would like to be an independent woman and freelance with several agent all over the globe I cannot tolerate that my gender be a possible stop for my life.

This is an interpretation of Fairy tale and Fable. Those are Fine art focused illustrations. I wanted to make my own version of the fairy tale. The real ones are actually extremely mature and were written for adult people. They are indeed deeper and more metaphorical that we can imagine. Each fairy tale as symbols to indicate people to life and more or less married and common life. If you read Bruno Bettleheim you can have a full analysis and a psychological analysis of the fairy tale and the metaphor behind it. It’s very interesting to appropriate your own version of timeless cultural traditions. This is what disney and many other did and will continue to do. Since, they are tale ingrained in our culture to the point that they became pillar. For the theory like what our culture is failing, revisiting fairy tale and reinterpret them into an original way might or could actually save it. Or bring something new to it. The only thing is that we grow with this idea that things as to be light. However, even something light can have some depth to it. The only thing is how do you chose to devote your energy too. That is actually a new real question to me and the only answer that I can give is certainly the drive. You have to have a certain amount of drive in order to accomplish the things that you want to do. As a creative and entrepreneurial person, I thought that I had to put in my portfolio my own interpretation of the Fairy Tale, before creating my own things. As a common cultural base and reference.

Illustration series from the French author and singer Barbara.

This is a series of children Illustrations made for the Fire project for the Bologna Art Fair in Italy. I chose to focus on a children magical perspective. There is an interaction between the light, fire as well as the magic. We often associate fire in many culture as magic. I wanted to represent that perspective and since its the beginning of the human civilization. I chose to represent the beginning of the human Life with a child perspective.