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This is an 8 page comic That I wrote during the summer. I went to college I finished college. I sounds un important for half of the population of the work industry but to me education is really extremely important. College allows you to explore and find your path and challenge your boundaries and capacity. I could argue a enormous amount of time on the fact that education is indeed extremely important for a human being. College and where you went to college might not shape who you are but will indeed tells a lot about who you are.
Besides that very interesting facts that could made us evolve. I have to write about certain facts that cannot be solved or they don’t want to solve it since three years. One of the reason why I love the internet is that it works exactly like art; that is to say; Art is lie that reveal the truth. That s from me and I am going to have an egotistical moment and frame this sentence. Indeed, it is true, it reveal the truth about who you are by telling a lie.
I graduated from Parsons University with Illustration and Graphic Design. Where all my friend were in fashion design and I followed their course and homework and could learn an another major underneath. Since I believe Parsons is still a top ranked School in the World and the US. I am proud to have this education it is a fact and it does say that I am a girl that did what it took to go to the top. Why? Because quiet truly its what I want.
I was running on 18 credits a semester and a job and reach for jobs. I was friend with Alexa Culioli. Who was friend with Shah Ahmed. A big looser that I never noticed for three years in my major this is how much I pay attention to freaking big looser with their misery that loves company.
Alexa culioli, started to hang out with them so by default i did. To make a long uninteresting story the dude end up creating me with his loser friends that loves company because misery loves company and they both end up hacking my Facebook and make shady talk over the web for about three to six months. I stupidly responded and cared how my friend could do this. Well, now this answer is unfortunate but pretty evident just an another sociopath bitch in the world that are just the Donald Trump of today where everything is about them, where they cannot stand the truth and where revenge is the way to go in life. Your boss is a shit revenge ?
In the other hand the story did not stop there they went to see my Facebook friend and asked to do the same way until the bubble grew and grew and grew and made the turn of the web. Now since that we are all unique individuals on this planet it is scientifically improbable that all of those individuals starts all of the sudden to develop the same pattern of behavior. Impossible.So since three years I harassed by Shah Ahmed, Grace Wazowicz his ex pathetic girlfriend that prepare pathetic crime scene where she kill him socially on her instagram。How pathetic is that a girl that seriously live in twin pick and who three years after goes work at Calvin Klein when I say three month earlier that I admire Calvin Klein and his advertising campaigns and everything. Seriously ? An explanation well besides the sociopathic case and huge amount of stupidity there are none. But anyway!
Ah yes you want the reason why she killed him on her instagram? Because big looser dick cheated on her and put it on his Facebook timeline in shady talk where at least 50 people can understand what is going on.
Sorry by the way for the cursing but there are words that are sometimes indispensable in some particular cases.
Like here what is the point of setting a total imaginary crime scene on on your instagram personally no clue. I mean it does not change anything to anything but for the guy it also did since when we were hanging out it was OF COURSE A POOR VICTIM OF A BITCH.
OF COURSE. If you want proof of what I am saying go to gracowicz instagram 166 weeks and you will see for yourself.
Ah YES the rest is my life by substitution and their desperate need shah ahmed and her to drag people into their misery so into their drama. After three years I am explaining clearly and into a complete detach manners the FACTS.
You want to know why she has knife in her eyes because the both fantasized that they have taken out an eye. Sorry for you Cheap Tarantino dudes you are not even near your little barbaric action since it has NO LOGIC.
Those of course reached to anyone people I was even talking to and since three years I m living into the made up of stupid coincidences that are scientifically again extremely improbable as improbable as saying that Himmeler came back to re open Auschwitz. Why because they will always be psychotic destructive maniac racist that want to destroy but Heinrich Himmler is dead and buried.
Why its improbable because behavior pattern do not repeat themselves on different individuals.
Yes the dude made the movie in his head that I was some kind of belonging his wife and shit like that no WAY I WAS AN ACQUAINTANCE OF SCHOOL NOTHING ELSE. Not even near my friend since I was never close to him never told him my worries or not even shared a moment of trust with this big looser and his poor cliche movie of self pity and sorry, Witch I really do not like by the way. I had nothing I was always staying with people who had everything that could mentor me and bringing me up and make me evolve witch is the goal of life.
Well besides the fact that he black mailed me with Alexa Culioli destroyed pretty much everything that he could destroyed and parasites my social life private and professional I wrote this story about that. How to once again take the positive out of the negative to learn How to love what you do in order to be a positive force in the universe. I was not talking about HIM. I know it always about them it has to be about them? Can you imagine a world that is not about them spitting on education and work because they fraud them ? In what way learning about something else external to THEM can serve THEM ALL ABOUT THEM. I am fiercely a supporter of ME MYSELF AND I as a growing individual but here it s just ALLL ALL THE TIME ABOUT THEM!
Well what is about them and radically proved and registered by the internet is the fact that they are STUPID bold dick totally sociopath with no conscious of the right or wrong and ready to do everything and anything for THEIR THEM PLAN.
So yes I buy champions. Yes I love fashion and graphic design and I write thing that interest me. I am opening a brand I am an excellent teacher and seller and I love make up and lip stick. What else I am extremely cultivated since yes I have something else that interest me but ME but ME MYSELF AND I. That is to say the me that can help MYSELF to become a strong I that could affirm a position and built great things that can creates jobs help to make a change and design the world better.
The last thing to date they obviously went to see my new family in law that develop by coincidence the same web shady talk after 13 years on shitting on each other they have a fresh new one to do so. Here they are allies because as Elonor Roosevelt once said; ” small mind discuss people, average mind discuss event and great mind discuss idea.”
SO even NOW THAT I AM TRYING TO FIND AN HONEST WAY TO STOP this harassment since three years i fell out again in the idea part as always because I always have ideas the majority of the time they are not that correct but I deal with it. I am also educated egnouth to recite quote by heart. Anyway I would like it to stop since.
Well that is also link with who I am. Of course this new family has read my website. Think that I only thought that 3000 people read it since I have a 1 680 comments ratio right now. There is no coincidence. So super moms are discussing on the interface of super kid elephant with a sudden and not believable one min of a sudden interest of each other.
The only problem is that I lucidly always prepared the people that I am close with about my family I love them I am so grateful to have them and I would not want to have other parents for all the skills that they gave me from a very early age and the total independence that they gave to me the fact that at the age of eight I spend my afternoon making door to door business to earn my own money. The social consciousness and the world knowledge that they gave me but it is a dysfunctional family it is a fact. My father five years ago after violence over me with his girlfriend and her girlfriend son left me on a road semi conscious and I never saw him since then. Before for years I was the care taker and the messager and the FIXER because my mom was broken humiliated and under violence emotional and physical. It is not easy to say I do not really want to talk about it and I think i did well for myself. I have seen the destruction and the slow destruction of years of community. I am a women and I know what women I would like to be and I am not there right now. However, I am the child of a woman that asked my father to leave, to divorce and to chose between his children or her. It is violence. Indeed, the circle of violence starts small and then increase and it does not start with physical violence it start with psychological violence and privation.
I am sure that any therapist will tell you that any child under of abuse get obcess by either self destruction or being extremely successful. Frankly that s the only reason why I live because I want to do something with my life and my passions. There are not little hobby this is what I live and evolve in since forever. I chose people my father or my mom never made any choice for who I wanted to become or do. I would have never followed it anyway because I found hard to respect someone who is not making his own life choice and who is just following an influence. I don’t want to be mean I believe like that. I did feel sorry for myself and I always had friends that went thought things and friend for who everything is fine. I founded out one thing, is that people who have been abused in someways in their life develop this categoric intransigent behavior about a lot of things and especially people. If you start messing around with little vicious comment, having the small rectus of pleasure that your body language develop when you are facing an extreme pleasure like eating something good or having and intense moment of joy but this small rectus appears after thoughing out a bullshit vicious comment you already have a bad point working against you for the little #iamsiximature game.
My father left for someone else and chose someone else who did not wanted us for all the reason possible even if she had reason or not she would have just because we were the permanent link of him and his past so I know. She was violent she insulted us she did not wanted us and I did not wanted her either. Situations are always unique and different but in the end of the day the result are pretty much the same and we fell into soap drama scenario that are always the same.
When I met my husband I thought that it was wonderful to have a father that loved his daughter and that was one of his point why i chose him as a husband besides the fact that he will not annoyed me to open my business as so many little testosterone small dick are. That we will let me evolve into mens world and know that it is fine because I am usually the only girl in the room and the youngest and I LOVE IT. Not for the attention that I do not care one second about but for what I learn because comic is a male dominant industry and fashion a more mix industry and I love both. Technology is a male industry so I was around geeky gay guys that are pretty straight forward and lucid about life.
The only problem with people who had suffer for some sort of abuse and all of my friends who had I can observe and recognize something that I do have witch is a total intransigence we give you three chances and after if you shit on us by vicious away, we put you in a corner and you become like the garbage in the corner of the street that someone else is going to take care of and you will barely see it and not even think about it. It sound mean and cruel and it is not, they are people reaction to any type of sufference we end up erasing it in order to protect ourselves or something and go back on the win. This win that is a constant obsession for people like us because we have to win what we have once lost.
It would be sad as a situation over the long term to not be able to share what is important to someone that we love and built with. That would be a difficult and sad situation.
Innamoramento is an italian word to carry the term of an unraesonated passion. The english word would be Infatuated. However, Innamoramento was a term extremely used during the renaissance and other disciplines over the course of the century.
It s a passionated love that leads to a disappointment to a truth about about a love. Its a projection that make the difference between love and infatuation. There is different types of infatuation such as being carried away by the idea of love, a recklessness of a certain desire or a craving for love.
In psychoanalysis it is a treatment and in intellectual term it is a devotion or a cult that we carries not only over someone but extension that we give to ideas, ideology, passion embodiments that they are almost alive as because we need them in our life in order to live. Without it represents nothing. It is more than an happiness its really a need.
The innamoramento is a concept that differentiate an idea from what is love an active need. Because the web is a platform and in the end where the love is and really matters is in the things that you do and create that is an active love if you really have the need to.
However does what people say really matters ? No if its not an idea, or something new or a point of view or a perspective it does not really matter. Love is about finding what matters really. I love writing stories, I always did and always will be because it is a love. It is really important to pass down stories doesnt matter the seize of it that can explain something, that can expose something or deliver something. It can be love or adventure or like here a small reflection on HOW DO WE INTERACT ?
I wrote this small zine a un ridiculous minus PLUS in the world in order to be a positive force.
People underestimate comics and put it in a kid zone. They underestimate comics, like they underestimate a child for actually relating better to an abstract unifying imagery and not the adult he relate to the photo realistic vision that does divide since it is more than a picture it is acting like a concrete reality meaning you are you and you cannot be like me. However in your daily life we use comic. The people have design our world and interfaces under a comic form because it is the most efficient way to interact, read and be unified.
Comics are an extremely rich platform that are being underestimated and I wanted to expose this problem as well as the web harassment that happen to me since three years and this is my only logical response to it.
They were and will not be any other one since i refuse to create for a soap drama made by a total jerk that deliberately choose to violate, steal, harass people to have a reacting and have their life under his fake impression of control. I just refuse it. It will stop soon anyway and anyhow!



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