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I wear a lot of pins and buttons on my jackets and April 77 Jackets. It’s something that I love and also bring an external visual style on what you like in books, manga or illustration that make give an immediate vibe to any type of situation.
As I explain I loved fashion, books and comics books or graphic novels.
I did this also as goodies for the International San Diego Comic Con. Also the rabbits are a publication of Papercutz x Nickelodeon. You can get every month the NICKELODEON MAGAZINE to your kids that would actually be a positive influence for him or her as it is interactive and intellectually stimulating.
I love wearing pins I used to have a collection as a kid and thought it would be relevant items that you actually adopt and who would not love working with the hilarious rabbits.
I presented this to the San Diego Comic Con and it was an amazing experience. Along working and have been lucky to learn from the internal work of a publishing house. To work with extremely talented people in the industry for 20 years. I could see the biggest event in terms of comics in the planet and it was fulfilling but I did not complete my need to do some articles and sell them. That fashion give it to me. Selling is telling a story, hearing, sharing a story and create a bond between you and your costumers, it is very important to put so much of yourself into what you do.
I could observe and learn as much as I could. I did not know much how to position myself into a bounded team so I stayed more besides Micheal Paterneck and my mentor Jim Salicrupt to learn as much as I could about correction, layout and updates.
This was a real chance to be able to work on projects like, lunch witches, justice lady or the fairies. That was not really challenging but much more an application of things that we had to do.
To this day I m still learning how to tricks for covers position inside of a stand and visual composition.Was it a major help in my life ? I just think that if we make a things for kids it is work but also their should be fun as well involve. I personally did not like to be a kid, partially because things were controlled by someone else. I wanted to live and be on my own and independent I was five and six talking about this with my friends all the time.
Despite the facts that european education is totally different from the american education both underestimate the kids, I took care of european kids and american as well and they are actually understanding human being. I believe that in our society we have a major problem realizing that a child is not a totally innocent human from an another categories. They actually want to know, quick, bright capable of constructing a though even better than an actual adult.
I thought it was an amazing chances to work with so many knowledgable people in this industry and that really had to mastered it. This was amazing but when you are touching to the childhood industry there is just so much more to play with and then sell.
We are all tremendously as adults shaped by our childhood. It really does play a decisive role in who are are and aim to be.
I believe that beyond the industry but in our occidental culture we totally underestimate the child. If I did not had the rebellion and build my own thought I would have never took the lead of my life at 15 years old by starting to not obey to my middle school principal and applied for a selective high school.
No lea don’t apply here they take only 31 out of 1000 for the hole entire department.
I said ok and then he left and finished my sentence ok! NO WAY I AM STAYING HERE I AM STUDYING ART AND ART HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY. No way I have just one life.
I was taken to the Ecole Preparatoire Cashan out of 12.000 people. No Lea they just never take them out right after hight school. I said ok ! What do I have to lose a NO as an abused child and the death all around there are a way worst than NO in life.
I was taken and I end up saying NO to them to go to NEW YORK BY MYSELF WITH TWO SUIT CASES.
I will be staying my life in the US with the most perfect men and husband of the planet.
I had one luck the fact that My mother was really bad with children but an excellent mother for adult. Also the fact that we were a total broken family at one point with just each other left. I had to take care of a lot of things that was not my age at all but do I regret it no, I did not know other way.
However, I would like to finish by extending the #internationalwomenday that Should be everyday. I started helping my father running the things when I was a child and then my mom when he left.
Besides the fact that I was raised and behaved myself as an adult, besides the facts that I could see them enjoy youth reading as much as adults intellectuals ones. I learned so much how our societies pressure us into a certain mold witch is totally irrelevant. Was does a child should be playing to happy end perfect no problem world ? Or the mom be a great cook? I used to feel ashamed when I used to go to some of my friends house because their house was mom taking care of everything. In my house it was like the chaos then sometimes violent or crisis. However, I was taught to be on my own.
I feel so proud of being the phenomenal human being that is a woman, in witch without her uterus the entire planet should not be here. We are on our own since years, yes my queen mom is an amazing woman that raised me to be able to say she is the queen that heal people and do this and that that is the best dressed person in the room and the highest self educated woman in the room and for me to be able all of the things as well as the bad thing but my favorite cook or my favorite room cleaner and driver to my activities.
I saw her weaknesses, her vulnerability, her strength, her fights, her love. When my father left and was scared of receiving domestic violence for years we all slept with her.
That education gave me the best GIFT of the world that what ever happen I will be able to fight and achieve what I want for my career witch is really my life.
As a teenager taking care of my sister and brother and everything put me ashamed, because I did not have homy cooking mom but I had her circle of entrepreneurial woman self taught that thought broken marriages, sucide and left alone with three children, cancer and a single mom, abused they all have their part of sadness. But when I grew up with those woman in my living room and my mom OMG i feel panic when I hear a grown woman saying my mom is my best cook. I would like to say to all women out there that we are so strong so multi facet, so beautiful so capable of navigating into a male and female industry, that it is so important that they talk about their abuse or pain to teach what is acceptable to what is not. To never accept the unacceptable. To say that there are no reason to have social and financial differences between a woman and a men. That a pretty woman can be as capable to construct a knowledge path as an intellectual women is as capable of being pretty. We are not one thing and especially us our species so bellow that we do not have the F~~~~ right to HAVE THE SAME PAY AS A MEN. NO then I will not have the same pay I will aim for the men pay multiply by a million. If it takes that I will try to do it then.
In dollar paper bills of course. That I could earn myself with my companies eventually.
I will may be learn how to cook or do other things for the world but make sure that I will never be reduced to that as a social image over me. I would like to follow what I saw in my mother multiplied by a million as well.
Millennial woman does not want a job but a career as much as a men want.

Woman or child there is a definitive evolution that will take place soon and its by being progressive, entreupreunorial and opening a meaningful dialogue that we can make it become a reality.



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