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Working at Papercutz was an amazing experience. I could work in a progressive company that is independent nevertheless the number one children publishing company. The best thing with that is that they was NBM and Papercutz. I mainly produced work for Papercutz and worked at the sales booth for NBM San Diego International Comic Con. Witch is the biggest Comic Event of the planet. This I was extremely proud of.
I grew up with Doctors Parents that did not understood my position into the Art World. It was a long journey and I found out after looking and looking that we are fundamentally ending up into the path that shaped your world as kids.
Not that you will never evolve but that indeed you often come close to what was shaping your memory as a child. From my experience it was books, drawing and painting, writing and fashion.
Fashion I was breathing in with my mother that introduced me to a very early age to the clothes, brands and creators. Books because time was so long and stories where the best entertainment that was not as passive as watching the TV or the TV was anyway taken by someone else.
Drawing and Painting were the activity that I was Naturally really good at and was indeed the only thing when grown up where paying actual attention. I HATED being a child and was happy to have been treated like a small adult by my mother.
When my father left or was coming back once or twice a year to put blame on us, books, comics and art where my escape from the reality. It became essential moment where my brain could taken out of the chaos and destruction around me and were actually progressing my life into a progressive way. They became actual person to me, while I was an adult teenager managing a household to help my mom I could plan my life and begging to construct the most important thing of my life witch was a vision of who I would like to be as a living human being, the lifestyle that I wanted and the things that I wanted in my life time. I did not know how to articulate specifically what I wanted to do and that took me quit some time but I am getting there now. They played an essential role to this day in my life. They are living entity that are shaping me and gave me a FEARLESS self made education over any type of subject. As well as zero fear regarding the outside society. Because knowledge give you tool to navigate the unknown.
Fashion is deeply link into my life since it was my tool of expression in the outside but also an amazing thing to know about and do because style gives you a unique social status doesn’t matter who you are it does have this power over you. I once was in the Galeries Lafayette trying on a skirt from a brand that I perfectly remember and a woman stopped and said to me in french:
Hi I am a image advisor I am not a seller you have so much style. I so this skirt on so many girls and it does not go well at all you have style. I took the compliment but like I hated being a child during my short childhood compared to average people, I developed a silent singularity. I did developed my style because I saw my mom do it for herself. I was just true to who I was and did it my own way. To this day people stop me in NYC, Toulouse, Paris, LA or Las vegas in the street to know where did I get this or that.
Fashion and books are now my main world and career and if some things that it s an a mistakes to want the two, I believe that life is not one thing. To this day I had to develop other unrelated business on the side because we are not one thing we don’t have one single thing or one single clothe and one is not at all unrelated to the other.

All of that to say that yes I draw for Dior for the pleasure and as career purpose as well as creating fashion and work with fashion company and as a Design Freelancer.
I create business card as a fun entertaining flyer for Papercutz and Mattel to promote the WWE, with the marketing director Sven. I would like to dedicate my next post for sure on my wonderful friend and mentor Jim Salicrupt, editor in Chief of Papercutz since 11 years and Ex super star editor of Marvel Comics next to Stan Lee for 16 years.
It was an amazing opportunity project that I m proud about. I just wished that my american family would not have kept the Galaxy phone where all the displayed picture where. But its ok this is the actual digital presentation of the printed interactive card to promote WWE.
I enjoyed designing for a major male audience as a female.



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