Press release

This is Sand By Saya Press release. We put everything all together into. We too the inspiration mood board . I paged everything that were written for me to layout and page. Well I guess that anyone who had and art and design education have the actual common sense to the see the actual proof in three second or less. A little bit like a banker knows the truth in 30 second about your financial status just because of his long life experience or education into the banking industry.
However, it was a great experience and knowledge for me to learn about a business list that I still have today in mind and my old broken sold broken phone.
I think that some of the imagery of this press release could have been pushed more to create a better story however some of the one we have created and I could direct were actually quiet successful.
How do you design a press release?
Present your product in the best way possible. I would also write a little bit more about my story and content. As well as the presentation sheets and file.
Your file is going to be set into a pile so the best presentation possible is actually required.
The bigger your name and your company is the best marketing presentation you can have and be extremely creative in order to surprise, innovate and have the possible to introduce the new that comes with it.



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