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Banners the smurfs

This are a series of three Banners that I had the pleasure to do while I was an intern for Papercutz. During my OPT year I decided to go back to publishing.
I have so many different passion and the main one is to tell story.
Indeed, I could come to the conclusion that pretty much everything is a story and later my experience in sales taught me how imperative it is.
I mastered this skill into excellence. I would like to use it know as a phenomenon for my businesses.
However, there is 7,404 billions people in this planet and so many stories to listen to as well as so many stories to reach and take in.
Meanwhile, I was in Parsons I got turned down for an intern into a renowned publishing company. In 30 seconds!It happened frontally I met their HR at the Parsons Internship Fair. It happen exactly that way.
Peguin Group Representative: Hello! my name is… This is your resume your name is LEA MAIRET are you authorized to work in the US?
I replied after a few second I am not authorized for now as an international student but as a Senior I would just have the opportunity to have an internship in a prestigious company like yours. I love to read and I am good at what I do since I am a child… but deep down I knew at that moment that they were just listening to the music.
Well, I watched all of my friends got into this intern and I was so pissed since I learned a language, a culture because there is an American Culture. I suck it in even though I know that I would have been a thousand time more competent than my friends. Also, It sounded so ridiculous to be turned down by my status while I was competing for an INTERNSHIP into an industry that publishes books such as: Jane Eyre, Machiavelli, Persuation, Bride and Prejudice or Madame Bovary… would reject someone based on the simple fact that he was a foreigner for a win win type of situation to the company.
Anyway, my normal reaction was to be hungry and like my parents did not know anything about what I was doing I could not really explain or work on formulating what I wanted in order to get it. I started working in my own arena, without being authorized and I am extremely proud of that.
I started working for several type of industries.
I took notorious deals with no experience whatsoever. My conclusion to this is that when a door close with a sting in your heart you do things that above and beyond your expectation.
Those banners are library updates and I wanted to come back to publishing business to see if my first step needs as a senior where accurate and like I plan to be extremely successful about what I put my mind to and will make I will eventually write comics or books later in the future.
However, I decided to learn the most I could witch I did. The year I got turned down for this internship at Peguin I booked a ticket for two months and half in LA and I did all my friend classes at FIDM and finishing did her thesis in fashion and went on a business that I will never quit observing and learning from for the next four years on the side. They are so many trend to be able to catch on so thats why its imperative to have good one before you start anything. To this day I still love random house.



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