WEBSITE AND WEB- Maintenance Direction


This website was the hardest task that I had to be Managing but also epic as well. It turned out to be one of my best memory.
This is a different and cleaner WordPress based theme. We shoot all of the shoe collection that finally arrived. I taught the hole team how to use wordpress however I did not taught about some coding and plugging to the rest of the intern just because I did not had the time to form a team as well as doing it.
When we did the shooting with Gu I really wished that we could create a better photographic content.

As I love watching fashion bloggers and eBay deals online. I noticed that the shoot that where working over me when it was a strong powerful one or the one that were telling a story ( again). However, it was turned down by the CEO and I believe that it is their company so they should do their own choices. I was maybe raised in the magazine generation where behind every items they was a story that you could fantasize about until the day when you want to be the fantasy!
Also as I self-taught myself advertising that I absolutely love, I of course read 99 francs witch is a great amazing book that I totally recommend into my book club.
#leabookclub #leabookshelve.
(Of course I read so many other one that would analyze each move for different campaign but this is for an another time).
We are indeed surrounded by at least 10.000 pictures a day and this was before smart phone and internet.
Today we are surrounded by approximatively 30.000 a day. So It has to have a STORY from my point of view. I m sure and convinced that I will have the pleasure to work on some more advertising in the future. Does advertising affect us? YES Do we recognize it ? Of COURSE NOT pishh pisshh
( whisper)
It s so much part of your daily life environment everywhere that OF COURSE YES
pretty much if you do have a car, or some clothing with print or drawing and a pair of sneakers and a boyfriend jean.
One of my passions that my heart making little jumps.
But anyway lets go back to the website <3 Do you want to hear the story behind it OMG my best start-up story. So the team and I did NOT HAVE INTERNET while we where photoshopping it. How to make a website without internet? Well after making a style sheet for all the buyers to buy the 2014 collection without the product ? An another fashion genocide totally could take it in! #liveliferichwithlotofmoneystyleandhumor we just have one life. So the CEO was indeed stealing internet from the company next door. One day internet did not worked. That one specific day we were remodeling it totally. Editing thousand of picture in photoshop, lighting, cutting, white clean background. Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 7.35.28 PM
The lame had to go on and on. It just in those moment where you said to yourself whoa i m a fresh grad but I can actually do some magic! We drag the hole team at the NY Public Library and upload, shape, wrote the website and ZE BEST like a Lemon Zest the store.
My first introduction to e-commerce. We laughted so much with the marketing team as I was teaching them the web maintenance and the work chain that I had attempted to create and it is really one of my best memory and first introduction to teaching. Witch is a really kind of a amazing skill to have if you want to train and pull people in some direction. I strongly recommend it as a experience because its a people dragger,and if you end up dominating your industry or industries ( since we come to a world where your HAVE TO HAVE crossroad) you will end up teaching people. It is actually a real rewarding skill to have in your daily life and you will be surprise how people actually enjoy to GET TO KNOW.
On this note I would like you to really have an insight on influences and images. The lesson that out of the worst you manage to make amazing things that will creates your best memory and skills definitions. The fact that YES knowledge is power and YES teaching would be a must have skill for human empowerment as well as drive, passions shares, progressive mind and ambition.
As well as the best people dragger and guess what I excel at it!
passion elevate and make the world progress.



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