Art Direction and Creation


I was a Graphic Intern and the I founded myself to lead the people at Sand By Saya. It is the most difficult experience that I would like to talk about. As a legal authorize person to work now I can talk about this in a more open manner. During my OPT year witch is 9 months that the united states offer you to work or intern into their country as art international student. In the hurry to find something in the first 90 days after my graduation and not be illegal I entered as an intern at Sand By Saya responding to a paid internship that was of course never paid.
Consequently, being there I chose take the positive side. It was a totally unmanaged company, no sales and six people entitled to say the truth slavery. It is totally fine and as we have talked about at Parsons we founded a way to at least investigate those type of case better.
It is really easy in a precarity moment of your life to fall into everything and nothing. Please, it might sound cheesy but it is really true.
I will share my experience to help some people who will be in the same situation.
There are solution like the BBB bureau for exploitation.
I love the web because it is the place of truth. This person collected ten people to work under J1 or internship for zero cost.
As a young graduate working full time over there a zero knowledge of design, distribution and a stolen internet connection from an another office I learned so much.
I learned collaboration. I learned to deal with the factory I was doing it on sunday and every morning. I learned how to manage a company from scratch and totally sinking. I learned press released. I learned about Buyers study. I became art director after having two graphic designer under some of my direction and learned an another lied she never graduated either from Parsons or FIT by 2013 for sure. I became art director when I was asked to teach web coding and management. I learned how to manage a team and how to motivate them in the worst work condition. I used intensity and humor to do that.
Yes you will have people who will use you along your road. Yes you will have people who will try to sidetrack you and to put you down to put you back to where they want you to be in order to use you better. However, you do not have to behave like them in order to succeed and I am 100% convinced today. I had the idea of creating a PVC bag as I was creating a pink PVC bag for my book l’ Enfert witch is composed of three flips books and a large 130 pages book. I could not do it because my roommate never gave to me the material that I paid for. Indeed I co-created with the product designer. I love PVC even those it is a non ecological material. I love see thought material. It is not a bag but a poach. This is the map and the first time of me using a re-transposed idea. I wanted to do a PVC bag and did. I will still do the one for L Enfert however for this one I managed a fold to close it to not have the cost of the two clips.
I learned how to manage so much. Logo creation with the factory, create un existing product line sheet, buyers, factory internal application, social media, press release, packaging, fake it ( and it is important in a totally unmanaged business.), buyers, selling a product that even did not believed in and I could do so to my own friends. I chose to take advantage of my weakness and exploitation and turned it into the best business introduction of my life. I was an art director, an executer, a form of slave as well as a business person, a seller and a story maker. I unfortunately did not do the photo shoot of the bag for sure but still the final version of it. My friend was the head of the three marketing and I learned marketing with her from A to Z and as a young exploited graduate I chose my situation embraced to the fullest and at night when I wasn’t working for the restaurant to do more and more and learn and learn. The best part of it I took the rain of lame business and succeed to make the best out of it. To me it was a successful attitude once my hole experienced fulfilled and my interest gone I walked out graciously.



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