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As a designer I like to execute, however I chose to excel in the idea. Thats the reason why my signature is story. Indeed, so many people took my ideas away from me or did not pay me for it. The choice was risky, but with the years it started to pay of, as something undeniable from me.
Indeed, in good times you can make money of an idea that is not yours, however they do not manipulate it deeply to make a real profit out of it. Why? because it is not theirs. Consequently, in bad time it is harder to survive and to really make a real profit out of it.
I chose to associate the Magritte 2013 show at the MoMa with this Belgium restaurant.
Indeed, who would not dream to have a bit of Magritte on your fridge or on your coffee. I was not totally fully listened but the real idea was to combine the restaurant as a label and Magritte on items.
First of all as a Trend Report for the time but also to give to any one coming up for a coffee or a waffle to have the capacity to take a bit of Magritte home as well as Belgium Culture.
To have objects around you that stimulate inspiration and reflect of a real humane culture heritage will really change your daily life for the better. Slowly as you take this discipline your are creating a growing, positive environment for yourself. In those stressful and hurry lives of hour it is important to know how to surround ourselves for the better. On a small and modest space I reproduced a Magritte Painting on the shelves and developed the goodies concept. For anyone who could take home a little bit of somewhere else, a little bit of culture and growth.
It was important in a modest space to create an atmosphere and a disposal that people wanted to touch.
I do not know about the growth as I could not expend it but I believe that for at least three years it worked.



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