Tamar petite abeille

This is a comic story that I wrote and drew for this Particular restaurant. The restaurant had big giant board and as comic is a common culture between Belgium and America as well as France. It was the perfect thing to do. As I make and tell stories it was the perfect occasion.
I really risked my life to do it as it was hight. I was probably totally unconscious, and still today. However, it showed me that I had no limit regarding of my need to succeed and do what I do.
As it was difficult time for me and my life, since I was about to graduate and I still did not know how to excel in my career and develop my brand along with having client and costumer, it showed me that I will never give up. I will always have the for my clients, costumer and businesses. Also, that it really was the purpose of my life as an individual.

photo tamar

This is a colored version of the story.



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