Board Presentation & Concept

Petite abeille

My concept was to use the restaurant atmosphere and to create a type and an identity around the menu. By creating an identity in the menu it went beyond the lettering and the type but starting a story with the viewer. It has been proven that we do not react the same to hand writing and computer Font. I love computer, however in this particular case it made sense as a traditional Belgium food to execute a human thing.
Like the tenants did not fully understood Design and Illustration. I decided to do my best to communicate and my passion as well as achieving a job that make sense and so on could be a secure sales value for them.
The artisan savoir-faire is really an art that is not ready to die.
It is to my point of view important to understand an atmosphere and try to metamorphose a real authentic idea around in order to offer to the costumer an experience that he or she will remember.
Every details count in the achievement of an experience.
I wish that I could have make close up pictures of the type and fonts that I did along with the decorative organic frames.
The restaurant is located between 6 and 7 avenue on 17 Street in Manhattan.



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