Dukan Diet Banners

Those were the Designs to make the socials media Banners. I was really glad to have been able to partnership with Dukan Diet as someone who used it and did struggle with my weight. I love Design and Illustration for their ability to solve problems. As well as mediums capable of metamorphosing themselves and adapt to everything. It is important to realize the power of Design to serve any type of companies and businesses. My main love is story telling, thought fashion, comics, design, illustration, art, teaching or video. It is to this day my best formula for my own life as well as what I really try to create. It seems important to me as I take my designer hat to solve my client or costumer problem as well as communicating them a story that we can share and will become also a story for him or her. From that point we started to create a dialogue that can go on.
You can see those banners on Dukan Diet Facebook Page.
I hope that we can create a story together and good luck!



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