bag dukan diet

This was a project made for Dukan Diet US. Witch is an healthy diet based on proteins. The book layout for you an exact Diet for everyone who have ever had weight struggle I strongly suggested it does work. You can get the book over view here or on Amazon.

The idea was to take a french culture based book into an American Market. The head of the marketing really wanted to focus it on the french aspect of it. Witch in my opinion was not really important since weight and diet are really an universal problem. How do you transpose a European Market into an American Market, from my perspective as humanly as possible. However, it was not suggested here and I chose to have a simplified layout as well as having a women depicted. Drawing is this amazing tool that offer an abstraction. Even if, multiple ethnicity should be an obligation, drawing is abstract and offer an immediate human association. It is probably with music the most humanistic discipline.
I was really glad to have done this partnership while I was still in College at Parsons University. It has been a long journey since I have graduated however still here and not ready to stop. Indeed, I became multi-diciplinary, and this bag practical for your everyday life as many of us girl and woman know that we need it so much to go though places to places carrying your jobs as well as all of our woman secrets.



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