The Taste Of The Others



This is one of my life project. It s going to take me several years to align with other projects of retail and marketing with color coded dolls. However, its one of the project dear to my heart. This is a graphic novel about modern nomadism and immigration. From my own experience of seven years of my life as an immigrant in New-York City. A city that educated me, as well as part of my culture. Its about the duality and the curiosity of the other. The other as being an another culture. The other as being the same but different. The other as being the one that brings something new into your life. The other as being the duality that sometimes we choose to have. The taste of the other is a modern tale of an American Journey that can be anyone’s desire to fulfill their dreams and envy. The desire to make your dreams a reality. As well as, the foundation that you will never think to have.



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