Empress of Austria Sissi

elizabeth mat and method 1

elizabeth mat and method 1LEA PHOTOMERGE FINAL PAINTING 2 MM 72 dipimg024 copy
Those are also a two series of illustration based on the Real story of Sissi the Empress of Austria. For a long time I wanted to write a comic about it. The Romy Scheinder movies are really popular, however the truth was sadly completely erased. Then, I understood why, because people needs to dream. However, she was such an interesting real character, fascinated by the beauty, real psychological anorexic that I chose to tell the truth that was to me a way more interesting at our period of time. Indeed, if she was alive today she would be a fashion icon. The subject asked was to depict an historical character witch I did. I tried to depict the story as well as the history, and yet bring it into an actual context.



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