Bath Tub

Portfolio 13

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This is a reinterpretation of the Bath tub painting by Frida Kaholo that I did when I was 19 years old.
First of all, I would like to put it as a piece of portfolio for the gosht mentor that Frida Kaholo was for me since a very young age. I believe that she was a pure and true artist and certainly in avant garde over her time. It has been recent for me to take my feminine condition seriously. Since, I started working I had to think at my gender witch is something that I never thought about before. I indeed grew up thinking I was different but yet equal to the men. In my family it always had happen that way. It was really those last two years where I discovered with a deep and sad surprise that they are major discrimination towards the woman in real social life. Its a grave injustice that my own nature and education just refuses. I always considered myself equal to the men as a woman female but I learned that I could not talk to other men if I was with one or things like that witch I consider being totally out of the line. First things first, why does a men would interfere on my behalf in my own business ? Why does people even interfere in your personal life and business. I was extremely chock and surprise from such a living condition. At the age of 19 years old I identified totally unconsciously with strong female such as Frida Kaholo or Simone De Beauvoir or George Sand just because I was one and it was easier for me to relate. However, It never occurred my mind that a position would be not for me because I was a female or have some right that would be banished from me because I am a female. It was such a chock that not my third next comic will be on Feminism. I don’t know what is feminism exactly. However, if its the right to claim independence and the same equal social and economical right as a men as well as independence then I would be one and then I would think that as a living human being, Feminism should be something totally normal. Then, It should not be a category or a clan but something totally right and normal. So for those reasons, I chose to put my fine Art Portfolio of when I was 19 years old and the influences that nourished and made the person that I am today. I will totally write about feminism if I have to, since I do not tolerate the fact that I would be blocked in my life and my desire because I am a female while I am evolving into societies that do not ask for muscular forces but for brain and educating forces witch I believe I have and completed. Since I would like to be an independent woman and freelance with several agent all over the globe I cannot tolerate that my gender be a possible stop for my life.



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