Fairy Tale


This is an interpretation of Fairy tale and Fable. Those are Fine art focused illustrations. I wanted to make my own version of the fairy tale. The real ones are actually extremely mature and were written for adult people. They are indeed deeper and more metaphorical that we can imagine. Each fairy tale as symbols to indicate people to life and more or less married and common life. If you read Bruno Bettleheim you can have a full analysis and a psychological analysis of the fairy tale and the metaphor behind it. It’s very interesting to appropriate your own version of timeless cultural traditions. This is what disney and many other did and will continue to do. Since, they are tale ingrained in our culture to the point that they became pillar. For the theory like what our culture is failing, revisiting fairy tale and reinterpret them into an original way might or could actually save it. Or bring something new to it. The only thing is that we grow with this idea that things as to be light. However, even something light can have some depth to it. The only thing is how do you chose to devote your energy too. That is actually a new real question to me and the only answer that I can give is certainly the drive. You have to have a certain amount of drive in order to accomplish the things that you want to do. As a creative and entrepreneurial person, I thought that I had to put in my portfolio my own interpretation of the Fairy Tale, before creating my own things. As a common cultural base and reference.



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