Anna Karenina Illustration

book cover

book coveranna k 2
Those are Illustration for the book Anna Karenina Illustrations. Those are illustration made out of Gouache. They fit into the category fine art as well as single panel. I love the story of Anna Karenina and the ideal of the society versus the ideal of someone’s opinion. It’s a timeless story and moral about the Love sacrifice that is anyway condemn to a sad end.
It was interesting for me to try to give a modern twist to such a specific social time and yet very human. The conventions have certainly change but yet the need of to want to destroy is still sadly very present. I feel that its an artist role or a creative person role to denounce that since we are humanist witness. We do for people to relate and want to see or hear something or someone. This is what Anna and Vronsky did they had destroy to themselves.
Those illustrations are only a short diptych of the very long and heavy relation that is Vronsky and Anna. However I believe that sum up this timeless things between human.



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